Gail's story "Silver Bells" -- it's about a murderous husband! -- is in the Winter 2009 issue of the ezine Mysterical-E.  Click on a format below to listen to the podcast version by Jim Farrelly, brother of Gail and Rita.  Why should the Farrelly Sisters have all the fun?

Gail’s story, “The Kindle Did It,” is one of 19 stories in the trade paperback, The Gift of Murder, a holiday anthology (ISBN-13: 978-1-60364-010-7) of crime stories, edited by John M. Floyd and published by Wolfmont Press, to benefit the Toys for Tots Foundation.  "The Kindle Did It" is the story of a wayward Kindle.  You've heard about Road Rage. Well, this story is all about Kindle Rage!   Read "The Kindle Did It" at The Thoughts Bubble Blog (scroll down after clicking on the link).  The book The Gift of Murder can be ordered from your local bookstore.  It's also available at Amazon.com  and BarnesandNoble.com.  There's a Kindle Version too

Gail's holiday short story, “Santa and the Poor Box,” is one of 15 mystery stories in the trade paperback, Carols and Crimes, Gifts and Grifters, a 2007 holiday anthology (ISBN-13: 978-1603640022) of crime stories, edited by Tony Burton and published by Wolfmont Press, to benefit the Toys for Tots Foundation.  It can be ordered from your local bookstore.  The book is also available at Amazon.com: Carols and Crimes, Gifts and Grifters: Tony Burton: Books and at Barnes & Noble.com.  There's a Kindle Version too.

Gail's Short story, "Get Yourself a Face" (a story about a Mafia princess who buys herself a new face and a lot of trouble), was read by host Alan Vogel on his Massachusetts radio show (Fiction for the Ears), along with a  story, "When in Rome," by Dorothy Francis.  Here's the link to the podcast of the show:    Lit103.3:When In Rome by Dorothy Francis, Get Yourself a Face by Gail Farrelly    The written version of Gail's story is available here Lit103.3: Get Yourself a Face by Gail Farrelly- written version or here:  Ewriter Magazine, May 2005.

Gail's story "Even Steven" (originally published in Mouth Full of Bullets, Winter 2006, and a finalist for a Derringer Award The Short Mystery Fiction Society Derringer Award Nominees, 2007) is now available for sale in AUDIO format at Sniplits.

"The Jurors Who Knew Too Much" by Gail won an Honorable Mention Award in a  short story contest. The story is published in a book, Deadly Ink 2006 Short Story Collection. Click here: Amazon.com: Deadly Ink 2006 Short Story Collection

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